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Reisman's Bakery

Reisman's Bakery

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  1. Reisman's Babka Sliced - 16oz

    Reisman's Babka Sliced - 16oz

    Lots of moist chocolate/cinnamon filling twisted into a sweet babka dough. It's hard to resist. Learn More
  2. Reisman's Honey Cake

    Reisman's Honey Cake

    A special treat for the New Year. Flavorful and sweet with just the right amount of honey, its hard to eat just one slice. Available in 2 sizes: 2.5 oz Mini Loaf 14 oz Regular Loaf Learn More
  3. Reisman's Mini Brownie Snack Bar

    Reisman's Mini Brownie Snack Bar

    A delicious cookie filled with chocolate, drizzled with more chocolate on top, in a size that's sure to satisfy. No one can resist them These individually packaged mini bars are approximately 1.5 oz in weight 36 pieces to a box Learn More
  4. Reisman's Mini CHOCOLATE Danish

    Reisman's Mini CHOCOLATE Danish - Bulk

    A traditional snack chock full of chocolate These individually packaged mini Danishes are approximately 1.5 oz in weight 24 pieces to a box Learn More
  5. Reisman's Mini Cookie

    Reisman's Mini Cookie Bulk

    Weight: Approximately 1, 1/2 oz. Contains: 36 Cookies You will love these delicious and innovative cookies that have rapidly become popular. Reisman's Mini Filled Cookie: For chocolate lovers, coordinating cookies! Half vanilla, half chocolate, both stuffed with a meltingly delicious chocolate filling, topped with a chocolate glaze. Pretty AND scrumptious. Reisman's Mini Sprinkle Cookie: A vanilla cookie with a smooth chocolate glaze strewn with colorful sweet sprinkles. For your kids and for the kid in you. PLEASE NOTE: NOT FOR SHIPPING (AS THEY DO NOT SHIP WELL). Learn More
  6. Reisman's Rugelach

    Reisman's Rugelach Bulk (5lb)

    Reisman's Rugelach - Cinnamon: A soft and tender yeast rugelah loaded with cinnamon. Our pretty rolled mini croissants are fragrant and sweet. Their mouth watering taste makes them hard to resist. Reisman's Rugelach - Chocolate: A soft and tender yeast rugelah loaded with chocolate. Pretty to look at, our mouth-watering mini chocolate croissants are irresistible. Reisman's Rugelach - Vanilla: A soft and tender yeast rugelah loaded with vanilla. The appealing vanilla fragrance of these pretty treats is as good their delicious flavor. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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