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Honey Cakes & Cookies

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  1. Green's 16oz. Honey Loaf

    Green's Honey Cakes

    Green's Honey Cakes - NUT FREE Optional Size and Flavors 4 ounce loaf - Mini Honey Cake 8 ounce loaf - Mini Honey Cake 6 ounce loaf - Honey Cake 6 ounce loaf - Honey Fruit Cake - made/mixed with dried fruits *All honey cakes are available without bakery labels. Simply reply to the order email you receive after placing your order that you want them without labels. The cakes can also be pre-ordered to arrive at a certain day or week, by using the same correspondence. Learn More
  2. Pollak's Honey Cakes

    Pollak's Honey Cakes

    Pollak's 3oz Mini Round Honey Cake Learn More
  3. Pollak's Honey Cookies

    Pollak's Honey Cookies

    Pollak's Honey Cookies All cookies are nut free. Great for: Camps, Schools, Chabad Houses, Events etc… Discount applies to mixed orders of different types of cookies. Discount Price is Processed Manually. We do not stock this item regularly and need 1-2 days advance notice to process order. Learn More
  4. Reisman's Honey Cake

    Reisman's Honey Cake

    A special treat for the New Year. Flavorful and sweet with just the right amount of honey, its hard to eat just one slice. Available in 2 sizes: 2.5 oz Mini Loaf 14 oz Regular Loaf Learn More

4 Item(s)

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