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  1. Apple Bowl

    Apple Bowl

    This beautiful plastic apple Bowl is a great economical way to wish a "Shana Tova", or just say "Thank you". Fill it with crab apples and a jar of honey, honey cookies, or with what ever you imagine. Learn More
  2. Apple Chopping Board - Green

    Apple Chopping Board

    Plastic Apple Chopping Board to add to the Rosh Hashana feel. Dimensions: 9.8" x 10.2" Learn More
  3. Apple Corer

    Apple Corer

    This apple corer is the perfect item to get your community under way for Rosh Hashanah. The apple corer removes the core and divides apple or other fruit into 8 segments in a single action. Comes in Red & Green. Learn More
  4. Apple Dish

    Apple Dish

    This beautiful plastic apple dish can be used as for either Rosh Hashana, Tu bshvat or Purim, and can be filled with fruit, honey, candy or anything you choose. Learn More
  5. Gold Apple Napkin Rings - Singles

    Gold Apple Napkin Rings

    Gold Apple Napkin Rings Dimensions: 2" x 2" Includes: 4 Napkin Rings Please note: Only sets come pre-packed with a gift box and ribbon. Learn More
  6. Page Number Sign

    Page Number Sign

    If you’re tired of pausing the chazzan while you yell out the page number to your congregation, you’ve arrived at the right place. This simple and elegant solution ensures that your entire shul can always be on the same page. It’ll be more comfortable for you, and will save them the embarrassment of having to ask. Made of solid aluminum with heavy-duty plastic books that will last for years. The stand is fully adjustable and can be opened to as high 78 inches for maximum visibility. THE SIGN: The Signs come in 3 options: 4 Digit Sign: 12 x 36 (New Tabs - Easier to Turn) 3 Digit Sign: 12 x 28 (New Tabs - Easier to Turn) 3 Digit Sign: 12 x 28 (Original Tabs - ALL SAME SIZE) Additional Discount This is a product you can't miss! Learn More
  7. Shofar Holder

    Shofar Holder

    Give your Shofar a place of honor displayed on one of these. Fits most small Shofars (not included). Dimensions: 9.5″ x 6.5″ x 3.5″ * Receive up to 40% off retail pricing on all items at Browse the online catalog and request any items you would like to order by emailing

    Learn More
  8. Sing Your Way through the Days of Awe

    Sing Your Way through the Days of Awe

    For distribution to your congregants before the Yomim Noraim, empowering them to be prepared and able to participate in the Davnening. The CD includes songs of the Tefilos of the Yomim Norayim which are sung in most Chabad Houses, with a brief narration before each song. The results have been impressive and the increased involvement of congregants is really visible. The CD also makes a nice pre Rosh Hashanah gift. Listen to this Demo by clicking here DEMO IS IN SEVERAL LANGUAGES, CD IS ONLY IN ENGLISH. Minimum order of 5 CD’s Learn More
  9. Toy Shofar

    Toy Shofar - 25 Pk

    These assorted multi color plastic toy Shofars are great for kids to join in on the holiday celebration. 'Happy New Year' is written on one side of the Shofar and 'Shana Tova' in Hebrew on the other. Includes: 5 of each color shofar. Learn More
  10. White Porcelain Dish with Gold Border

    White Porcelain Dish with Gold Border

    White Porcelain Dish with Gold Border Dimensions: W: 4.5" (Narrows down to 2" at the bottom) H: 3.75" Includes: Set of 2 Dishes Learn More

10 Item(s)

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