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Hebrew Language

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  1. Alef Beis Wheel Cards

    Alef Beis Wheel Cards

    These Aleph Beis Wheel Cards will help children learn to recognize and read the hebrew alphabet. 35 Large Double-Sided, thick and sturdy flash cards. Easy to use vowel wheels make it fun to learn the hebrew alphabet. Learn More
  2. Aleft Bet Magnet Board

    Alef Bet Magnet Board

    A Great way for kids to learn the Alef Bet! Perfect for home or school and will keep the kids entertained for hours. Multicolored magnets of the Alef Bet can be placed on the wooden board or used on your fridge freezer. Dimensions: 12" x 12" Learn More
  3. Aleph Beis Wall Hanging

    Aleph Beis Wall Hanging

    This colorful Aleph-Beis and holiday wall hanging includes hand-crafted pieces that store in their own pockets. Makes learning fun! A wonderful addition to a classroom, playroom or child's bedroom. Size: 17" x 22" Available in Blue and Pink Learn More
  4. Hebrew Magnatab

    Hebrew Magnatab

    For the budding scholar, the newest edition of the Magnatab line will help young students learn the cursive Hebrew alphabet with the use of magnetic sensory reinforcement. Use the directional arrows to trace each letter with the magnetic stylus. Erases with the tip of a finger. Dimensions: 11.75 × .75 × 9.375 Learn More
  5. Moveable Aleph Bet

    Moveable Aleph Bet

    Wooden Box and Aleph Bet. Each set includes 4 of each letter in blue and final letters in red. Box with lid included. Learn More
  6. Jewish Montessori - Sand Paper Aleph Bet

    Sand Paper Aleph Bet Series

    Sand Paper Aleph Bet Aleph-Bet Letters made of sandpaper mounted on smooth wood squares. 22 Regular letters in blue, 5 final Letters in red. Includes box for storage/display. Sand Paper Aleph Bet, Vowels Hebrew vowels made of sandpaper mounted on smooth yellow colored wood squares. Includes wood box for storage/display. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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